Serp Slayer Citation Building Service

  • 50 High Authority, Reputable Business Directories For Your Country.
  • Listing information taken from GoogleMy Business.
  • Social properties added to listings(where possible).
  • Full Report provided (including logins).
  • Great for promoting in Google MyBusiness/Maps.
  • Turn Around Time – Up to 7 days.
  • Keyword in business description.

Business citations are an essential practice for all businesses, whether large or small. Even Google themselves advocate natural ways to promote a website, and what could be more natural than adding business information to a directory website, right?

SerpSlayer citations take business directory listing to the next level. We pay attention to the small details that make a huge diffrerence, like adding more just the name, address and phone number. We also build tier 2 links to our citations to give them extra authority and power-up the links to money website. Here’s what you’ll get from our exceptional citation building service.


  • 10 Bonus Niche Specific Directories.
  • Tier 2 Link campaign from high authority websites to index and boost listings.
  • Optimised image on each listing(where possible).

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